Lord of the Flies


I really do not think Jack is "friends" anyone. why/ why not ?

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You don't believe that Jack is friends with anyone?

I really do not think Jack is “friends” anyone. This is Jack’s biggest weakness. The boys that follow him are young enough to be obedient without question. By the end of the book, we see boys like Roger wanting to challenge Jack’s authority. but if still if you think he is friends anyone. then could you please explain why/why not ?

I'd have to agree with you.... Jack has no true friends. The boys who follow him do so because he is the strongest and because he invokes fear.... they're simply afraid of him. By the end of the story, characters like Roger challenge Jack's authority because they become aware of his weaknesses and decide they'd like to take control themselves. Thus, they exploit those weaknesses. Jack's tribe is only "his" tribe" for as long as they're willing to follow him without question.