Lord of the Flies

How does the mood of chapter 9 change when the rain ceases?

In chapter 9.

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The boys have been in a savage frenzy, they've just killed one of their own; they've torn Simon to pieces.......... the things they've done are inhuman, but with Simon's murder comes the storm, the washing away of Simon's body (as he's surrounded by glowing fish), and the eventual descent of the dead paratrooper. The mood has gone from violent insanity to latent fear. That's how the mood changed when the rain ceased.


Lord of the Flies/ Chapter 9

Simon's death is, of course, symbolic of Christ's sacrifice. Even while being stabbed a thousand times, he still attempts to save the boys. When the violence of Simon's death is over, Golding’s language changes to a sense of reverence and peace. The "moonbeam-bodied creatures" hover around him and "the water rose farther and dressed Simon's coarse hair with brightness." If you read the paragraphs, they are filled with beauty encircling Simon's broken body.