Lord of the Flies

gaps and silences in the representation of simon

does anyone know why golding has used gaps and silences in representing simon? I mean, we gather a fair bit about jack and what he is like and his background, but we know nothing of simon really. Why did he do this? How does he want simon represented?

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Simon is such a mysterious character.

This may be a little late, but in the lord of the flies, simon represents jesus christ. he represents jesus just before he was crucified. First, he helps build the huts, which represents him being a carpenter, like jesus. Next, simon goes off into the forest where he is confronted by the lord of the flies (lord of the flies is also another name for satan... see where this is going?) Jesus went into the forest where satan confronted him. The next thing is that simon climbs to the top of the mountain, representing jesus climbing the mountain where he'd be crucified. When simon eaches the top of the mountain, he frees the man and his parachute (right as jesus dies, he saved all of the world) lastly, simon is sacrificed because the hunters believe he's the beast. (just as jesus was sacrificed for our sins). Not trying to make this anymore religious that it ahs to be, but those are just the facts. Hope that helps... respond back if it does, or if it doesnt.