Lord of the Flies

Contrast Ralph and Simon. Who is the better leader?

Lord of the flies comparison question

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Each of the major characters in L.O.F. symbolise some important part of our society. Piggy is knowledge and Jack is unbridled power and dictatorship. Ralph symbolizes good leadership and responsibility. Ralph must grow up quickly. He tries to instil the qualities that separate humans from animals. Unfortunately the boys become worse than animals (animals don't destroy themselves to extinction).Ralph has a sense of right and wrong but this is restricted to the rules and order of society. He is a product of what civilized Britain hoped they would be. Simon is Golding's Christ figure. He is plopped onto the island to save the boys from themselves. He embodies kindness and wisdom yet does not know how he has attained it. Much of what he says transcends the understanding of the boys including Ralph, "maybe the beast is just us." That's deep stuff for a ten year old kid. In the end Simon and Ralph try to bring the boys out of savagery. Both essentially fail but like all good Christ figures, Simon must die in the process. As for being a better leader, I don't think Simon has the need or inclination to lead: he just wants the boys to be good to each other. Ralph tries "dashed hard" to lead.