Lord of the Flies

chapter 4 lord of the flies

In chapter 4 they divide between Ralph and Jack begins to grow even greater. How does the lost ship and the pig slaughter emphisize the nature of each character?

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The loss of the ship frustrates Ralph to no end. Losing the ship becomes symbolic of Ralph's own impotent leadership and the boys' gravitation towards Jack. The boys now value the hunt and the primal urges the island gives them rather than rescue or home. Ralph finds what strength he had as leader slipping away. The boys prefer the immediate satisfaction that Jack offers through the pig slaughter and the delights of killing a living thing. Jack senses the immediate sorrow of the boys when they are reminded of rescue. Jack is able to manipulate the situation to his advantage by insincerely apologizing and humiliating Piggy. Ralph cannot compete with Jack's ability to connect with the boys' dark primal nature.