Little Women

Analysis of Values ​​Education in the Novel "Little Women"

Would you like to help me to write down how many of the values ​​contained in the novel Little Women by LOUISA MAY ALCOTT. i mean like.. There's some educational value contained in both the value of religious education, moral values​​, social values ​​and cultural values​​ on it?

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Alcott imbues her characters with a love of language and text. Alcott exposes the reader to many forms of language, including German, French, Hannah’s dialect, the individual voices of the characters in their letters, Jo’s slang, and Alcott’s own creative poetry and prose. The characters' constant references and allusions to books indicate that they are well read and assume others to be so. The most explicit example of this is Alcott’s structuring of Part I to mirror Pilgrim’s Progress. Amy’s misuse of words is playfully mocked, and when she is abroad, she regrets not having been more studious. A shared love of books brings Jo closer with the Laurences and with Mr. Bhaer. German literature in particular plays a role in both Meg’s and Jo’s courtship.