Life of Pi

Could you state 3 of Pi's perceptions towards the zoo that differ from most of us?

e.g. We take it as a place taking away the freedom of animals while he says that it becomes home to the animals ..?

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Pi believes that zoo animals live in paradise. They are well taken care of and live in luxury (food and shelter provided, although not all men give the animals good food and treatment). This is a far different outlook from those who make the argument that animals should be free and not kept in zoos.

Pi defends the zoo and attacks the common understanding of animals in the wild as free, and animals in a zoo as "unfree", for freedom in the wild is a myth: animals are restricted by their survival needs and their instincts.

Pi explains that, no matter what, there will always be animals who try to escape from zoos, even though generally animals do not wish for “freedom.” The escape attempts are often because the offending animal’s enclosure is unsuitable, or because something within its enclosure has frightened its Animals are always escaping from something, never to.