Letter From Birmingham Jail

What is the main idea of the Letter From Birmingham Jail?

I don't understand what the main idea is and I can't figure it out

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This is really a thematic question. Certainly race is at the heart of this story. It seems obvious to say that “Letter from Birmingham Jail” concerns itself with race, but its treatment of segregation is indeed multi-faceted and fascinating. While Dr. King stipulates as fact that all races are equal, he only occasionally draws attention to the separation between races. Instead, what he preaches is connection between all humans, regardless of race. He often avoids mentioning the particular plight of the “Negro,” instead framing his arguments around a push for universal justice. Nevertheless, the difference between races underlines the entire piece, and it would be folly to forget that. The work is written not to inspire a black audience, but to convince and chide a white audience. And at its core, it is a declaration of the power of the black man, whom Dr. King writes endured and survived slavery, and who will one day be recognized as the true heroes of the age. You can check out other themes at the GradeSaver link below: