Last of the Mohicans

What comparisons and contrasts can you offer regarding Hawkeye and Duncan?

just need to compare the characters personalities etc

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In some ways the two men are very much alike. Hawkeye is a white man, but he's also spent most of his life in the company of the Mohicans. Hawkeye is honest, strong, courageous, and resorceful, and although he's renounced his European heritage..... he isn't truly Mohican either; he stuck between the two worlds.

On the other hand, Duncan serves as an officer in the English army. His main duty.... guard the girls. Like Hawkeye, Duncan is brave and resourceful; he's also very protective, particularly of Alice. Unfortunately, he's not quite as resourceful as Hawkeye and often finds himself unprepared for life in the wilderness and against a culture he knows nothing about. This is in complete contrast to Hawkeye, a white man who is much more fully adapted to Indian warfare.