Kate Chopin's Short Stories

The reflection of the kiss short story

what are the main issues in this short story? i'm still can't understand this story until now..huhu

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This short story is about a young woman named Nathalie. She's in love with two men and has to make a choice between them. Harvey wins her hand and she marries him; he's rich and can provide her with a better life. The kicker..... Harvey (the other suitor) approaches her after the ceremony and tells her that her husband has given him permission to kiss her. All ready to take part, Harvey then announces that he no longer kisses women. She's gotten what she believed she wanted (money) and can no longer have what she gave it up for.

Nathalie learns that decisions need to be made for the right reasons, and that we only get to make those choices once. You can have everything you want and give up a life filled with love, or you can choose the love and ultimately need nothing else.


The Kiss