Julius Caesar

Describe the complexities of Caesar's character. How do you feel about him - is he a monstrous tyrant or a sympathetic man?

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Act 2

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If we're only looking at Act II for this question, Caesar's does seem to be little more than a tyrant. He holds great authority over his men, and his orders are carried out without question. The reader is thus forced to judge the reasons.... loyalty to an inspiring commander or fear of a tyrant. Act II also illuminates Caesar as a husband. When Calpurnia first warns him of her dreams, he ignores her and later placates her. When the men speak of omens, his response is that he cannot be shown to have fear, he cannot be seen as weak. It is Decius' declaration that the senate plans to crown him that day that finally moves Caesar to action. He cannot resist the power or his own ambition.... omens be damned so to speak. None-the-less, in Act II, I don't necessarily see a tyrant, but I do see that the man could become tyranical.


Julius Caesar