Julius Caesar

can i please 1 quote for each of these literal devices showing each one please at least the once you know HELP!!!

conflict, external and internal, conceit,rhetorical question, inversion,chiasmus, soliloquy, lambic pantameter, simile, personification, dratic irony, situational irony, aside, verbal irony, theme, resolution, antagonist, protagonist, tragic hero

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Conflict Quote- Brutus

"I would not [want to see him king], Cassius; yet I love him well....

What is it that you would impart to me?

If it be aught toward the general good,

Set honour in one eye and death i' the other,

And I will look on both indifferently,..."


Julius Caesar

Rhetorical Question- Antony

He hath brought many captives home to Rome

Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill:

Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?


Julius Caesar

O conspiracy,

Sham’st thou to show thy dan’rous brow by night,

When evils are most free? O, then by day

Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough

To mask thy monstrous visage? Seek none, conspiracy;

Hide it in smiles and affability:

For if thou path, thy native semblance on,

Not Erebus itself were dim enough

To hide thee from prevention.

Brutus in soliloquy about the conspirators who come to his house with hidden faces Act 2, Sc 1

Iambic Parameter-

"Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears"

help with the rest plz

simile- The skies are painted with unnumbered sparks, / They are all fire, and every one doth shine; / But there's but one in all doth hold his place. / So in the world: 'tis furnished well with men. / And men are flesh and blood, and apprehensive, / yet in the number I do not know but one / That unassailable holds on his rank, / Unshaked of motion; and that I am he. (III, i, 63-70).


"Lowliness is young ambition's ladder, whereto the climber-upward turns his face."

the earth cried


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