Joseph Andrews

Prove that Fielding's novel "Joseph Andrews" is a book of adventures

Joseph Andrews

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As Fielding indicated on the title page of Joseph Andrews, he was imitating Cervantes's Don Quixote, so that his novel is also a picaresque novel–or novel of the road–and an adventure novel. With the introduction of Parson Adams, who has been called the first great comic hero in the English novel and one of the glories of human nature, it also becomes a novel of character. In keeping with Fielding's bent as a moralist and reformer, the satire extends beyond literary matters to society itself, and Fielding exposes the vices and follies not merely of individuals, but also of the upper classes, institutions, and society's values.

You can look at the GradeSaver sight at the particulars of Joseph andrews as a hero figure on an adventure.