Invisible Man

How does the imagery in the first two pages of this chapter (chapter 4) belie the narrator's inner tension?

Chapter 4 of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

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The imagery outside the car is calm, slow, and lazy, all while the narrator's thoughts and actions scream out the turmoil he feeling inside.

"Heat rays from the late afternoon sun arose from the gray concrete, shimmering like the weary tones of a distant bugle blown upon still midnight air."

"The sun shone coolly through the avenue of trees, dappling the curving drive. Students strolled through the shade, down a hill of tender grass toward the brick-red stretch of tennis courts. Far beyond, players in whites showed sharp against the red of the courts surrounded by grass, a gay vista washed by the sun. In the brief interval I heard a cheer arise."


Invisible Man/ Chapter 4