In the Time of the Butterflies

how does maria theresas diary help her document her life and how does it save her in jail?

why was the party at trujillos significant? how will minervas actions haunt them? what were the side effects?


why is the dominican nation taken with the mirabal sisters? why does the story of these women endure?


how does minerva seem defiant and independent from a young age?

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By April 1956, Maria Teresa has started using her diary as an "all-purpose supply book." She is attempting to write a speech to give as Miss University, and Minerva is advising her how much and when to mention Trujillo. Minerva has given birth to Minou and is helping her younger sister write the speech. in this chapter the reader learns about many important events in Minerva's life through Maria Teresa's diary entries. For instance, we learn in Maria Teresa's report about the speech at Salcedo Civic Hall that Minerva has gained permission to attend law school. We also learn about Minerva's marriage to Manolo, the birth of Minou, and Trujillo's denial of her license to practice law upon graduation from law school. It is important to remember that we are learning about the events primarily from one point of view. The personal, family matters are related in the diary, while the political matters are often underground enough not to make it into the diary, generally because Maria Teresa does not know much of what is going on. By late 1957, however, the personal and political spheres are merging more quickly for her again.

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