In Cold Blood

provide a question that the author offers and then provide the answer you believe the begs from the reader

In cold blood

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From the onset, we feel that Capote is asking how these seemingly normal men

(the way he introduces them) can be so evil. He's asking who they are. Who are these men? They travel, sing songs, play music, and visit their parents..... not alarming in the least, but we immediately begin to question that normalcy when faced with the tatoos they sport and their shopping list. Rubber gloves and rope on a road trip?

We also see the Clutter murder up close and personal early in the novel. This leads the reader to ask why. Capote spends the rest of the novel attempting to uncover the inner workings behind the horror of their crime. He hooks us from the beginning, and the story isn't necessarily about the murders themselves but the men who committed them. The novel is the "why?"