What are some leadership qualities of King Priam? What actions did he take in the Trojan War?

I am asking what type of leader was he. and what actions did he take in the war.

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Priam was a hero, he cared for his men and he loved his son Hector and Paris. Hector is stabbed through the neck by Achilles, but before dying he reminds him that he is to die in the battle as well. Achilles dishonors his body and abuses it; Priam sneaks into the Greek camp unnoticed and begs for his son's body. The two talk, Achilles cries, and they share a meal and lament the war before Priam leaves, carrying his son's body back to Troy for services. Priam has proved that he can humble himself, Achilles proves he is capable of empathy, and through this interlude the two become respectful enemies (but they continue to be enemies).


The Iliad