I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

How do Bailey and Marguerite respond to being back in Stamps?

Chapter 13-15

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Bailey and Maya are back in Stamps; she is happy to be back though her brother is not, because she didn't feel at home in the strangeness of St. Louis, and with everything that happened to her. She learns from them to be satisfied with life, even when it is unfair. She also feels that nothing else can happen to her, since barely anything happens in Stamps at all. She and Bailey become a curiosity to the people of Stamps, who come by to see them and ask them about the city, which none of them have been to. Bailey exaggerates his stories of the city to entertain them, though Momma does not approve of his tall tales. Life becomes muted and pale to Maya; she can't remember a lot of people from the town. People think that her silence is just sadness at being taken away from the city; but they accept that she has always been a delicate girl, and do not admonish her for keeping quiet.