House on Mango Street

how does point of view help or hinder in the story development and in the developement of esperanza?

the story "The Monkey Garden"

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The House on Mango Street is written entirely from Esperanza's point of view. In the story of the Monkey Garden, however, we have a maturing narrator, and because she is in transition from adolescence to becoming a grown-up, her view tends to change with the changes she's experiencing.

I don't think this point of view hinders the story's development at all, but rather gives us a clearer picture of Esperanza and her journey. Esperanza's garden is often seen as the Garden of Eden, and during her childhood it is a place of innocence and beauty, a place to play, and a refuge from adults. As she matures, the garden loses its innocence as the girls go off into hidden places with the boys........ and thus, the innocence of its setting slowly disappears.


The House on Mango Street