Hard Times

Does Mrs Sparsit lie about her past or not?And if yes what is the purpose behind her lying

Chapter 7 Mrs Sparsit


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Mrs. Sparsit is the housekeeper for Mr. Bounderby‹as he is a bachelor and in need of someone to keep his house tidy. Mr. Bounderby especially relishes the arrangement because Mrs. Sparsit was once a "highly connected" lady and she had seen better days. But she had fallen on "hard times" after marrying young and being widowed by a man who left her only debts and little fortune to rely upon. Bounderby's boasting often dwelled upon the difference between their stories‹for he was low-born and moved himself up in society and she was high-born and now she is his housekeeper. Because she was once "highly connected" she often laments about the past which is riddled with contradictions and contrasts.