Hard Times

Describe the effects in the bank after Mrs.Sparcit appointed. Why was MrsSparcit sent to the bank.

Do not give the summary of the chapter. This question contains 25 marks.

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Mrs. Sparsit is sent to spy. In characterizing Mrs. Sparsit, Dickens takes her posture (always sitting and watching) and makes her into an equivalent of the Fates, much like Madame deFarge, a famous character from his novel A Tale of Two Cities. The scenes that revolve around Mrs. Sparsit are all about the trappings of social class and position and in these moments, even the tables are personified as having their "legs in an attitude."

Against the cliffhanger that centers on yet another new stranger's mysterious identity, Dickens offers some social commentary on the upper class conceptions of knowledge and education. In sharp contrast to the Gradgrinds, Mrs. Sparsit takes her lack of knowledge as a fashionable symptom of her simple virtue. Even as it makes little sense for lack of knowledge to be rewarded we also see that Sparsit is eager to gain information about the people around her. This interest in others affairs will eventually prove to be Sparsit's undoing.