What is hamlet' concluding thought after he has mused over the skulls and the idea of death?

In hamlet

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The Gravediggers relate to time as the ultimate equivocator. Time humbles all men because they end up in the same place. The gravediggers say that whether one is a king or a beggar they end up in the dirt. Time even things out. If you fallow their food chain logic a king sooner or later may go through the digestive system of a beggar. (Worm eats dead king- fish eats worm-beggar catches fish....) Hamlet extends this idea to how great men return to the earth just like beggars and ordinary men. Even Alexander the great is used to "to stop a beer barrel". This is everybody's destiny. No man no matter how great escapes the ultimate reckoning. This is a destiny our physical bodies all share regardless of God or the afterlife.