. How does the quest for revenge influence the actions of Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras?


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There are three main revenge plots intertwined in this play. Hamlet's quest for revenge takes center stage, but Laertes is also seeking revenge for the murder of his father, Polonius (killed by Hamlet). He and Fortinbras brings his armies into Denmark to avenge the death of his father. As a result, Hamlet, looks to revenge his father's death by Claudius.

Revenge led to the death of many people, including Polonius. Hamlet's desire for revenge led him to act as though he was ‘mad’, which in turn really happened. Hamlet murders Claudius knowing that he is avenging his father. Laertes and Hamlet battle, and as a result Gertrude is accidentally killed. Hamlet and Laertes both ended up dying in the quest to avenge their loved ones.