Gulliver's Travels

What conflicts (internal and external) does Gulliver have to deal with in the story?


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Throughout his journeys Gulliver comes into contact with several different races of people, all of which are narrow-minded in some way. Many of the peoples are conspicuously narrow-minded, such as the Lilliputians, who have wars over the correct way to cut open an egg. (Such squabbles over unimportant matters are a common object of satire.) Most of the societies Gulliver deals with tended to involve external conflicts of some sort. I think his internal conflicts largely show up after he meets the Houyhnhnms. After spending time with the Houyhnhnms, Gulliver considers them above humanity in nearly every way. Returning to England, Gulliver is repulsed by the humans he formerly loved and instead chooses to spend his time in the barn with his horses. How does Gulliver begin to reconcile his flawed humanity when he has experienced virtual enlightenment with the Houyhnhnms? I suggest you take a look at the text for quotes. I promise you will find them there.