Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver starizies the european system while talking to the Houyhnhnms? Explain (10 MARKS)

Gulliver Part 4

Please answer fast as tomorrow is my examinations, i could not find the exact & accurate answer either in the gradestack, Q/A & even other educational websites.

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Swift creates an interesting parallel between the governments of the Houyhnhnms and of the English when the grey horse attends the great assembly-both exhibit similar senses of entitlement to rule on the basis of merit. The Houyhnhnms are discussing whether or not to exterminate the Yahoos, never pausing to discuss whether or not they have the right to subjugate and kill the morally weaker species. Similarly, the English colonists of Swift's time often felt moral superiority to the native peoples-but if they really were like Yahoos, they had little right to think so. And even if they were superior in various ways, the English needed to think carefully about the alternative ways of ordering life and society before deciding what to do about it-as Gulliver has learned.

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