Gulliver's Travels

describe the grand academy of lagado?

from gulliver's travels the voyage of the country of the houhynmhnms?

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"The Author permitted to see the grand Academy of Lagado. The Academy largely described. The Arts wherein the Professors employ themselves."

Gulliver visits the Grand Academy of Lagado, the largest metropolis of Balnibarbi. The scientists there are constantly working on experiments that Gulliver finds pointless. For instance, he meets a man who is trying to extract sunlight from cucumbers. Other experiments are trying to turn excrement back into the food it began as, trying to make gunpowder from ice, and trying to employ spiders as weavers of silk. Professors are also attempting to alter the communication of Balnibarbi by doing away with language altogether.

"A further account of the Academy. The Author proposes some Improvements, which are honourably received."

Gulliver then visits the part of the Academy designated for studies of government. He finds the professors especially in this wing to be entirely crazy. They propose such things as studying excrement to find treasonous people and taxing people based on beauty and wit.


grand acedmy of lagado was a big place where many experiment was happening but this experiment were of no use this was not understand by people who do such experiment firstly a scientist was trying to extract sunligh from cucoomber which do not suceed one was trying to change excreta of human into food again one was trying to convert ice to gun powder one scientist was trying tomake house starting by roof which was inpossibe this all things seem that these people have no any idea about normal things