Gulliver's Travels

Describe in your words the encounter between gulliver and the giant reaper

describe it.

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In Brobdingnag, Gulliver finds that much of the island is well cultivated, but to his surprise, when he comes across a hayfield, he realizes that the grass is more than twenty feet tall. Similarly, corn is at least forty feet high. Gulliver sees another giant, this time well-dressed, walking along the path he is on. He notes that each of the giant's strides is about ten yards long. The well-dressed giant is joined by seven workers, whom he instructs to begin reaping the corn (though Gulliver cannot understand the language).

Exhausted and filled with despair, Gulliver lies down and hopes that he will die. He writes, "I bemoaned my desolate Widow, and Fatherless Children." He begins to think back on the Lilliputians who thought that he was such a powerful and strong creature, saying that he now feels as a single Lilliputian would feel among humans. "Undoubtably," he muses, "Philosophers are in the right when they tell us, that nothing is great or little otherwise than by Comparison."

When he is about to be stepped on by one of the farmers, Gulliver cries out as loudly as he can. The giant stops short and picks up Gulliver to get a better look. Gulliver resists struggling in order to avoid being dropped sixty feet to the ground and instead brings his hands to a prayer position and points his eyes skyward. The giant seems pleased with Gulliver and, putting him in his pocket, heads over to show his master.