Gulliver's Travels

character sketch of king of laputa and munadi

in about 100 words
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The King of Laputia is petty and self-serving. He isn't interested in where Gulliver is from or the politics of England. The King is obsessed hurting the lower island. He floats his island so he is blocking out the sun of the lower island and dropping stones on them. will float his island right over their heads, blocking the sun and rain and dropping stones on them until they pay him.

The King of Laputa is a man of mathematical obsession who explains the laws of his land to Gulliver. He also decrees that the lands below Laputa should obey his laws. If they don't, they will have to face the consequences.

The king of laputa was a very obsessed person he always thaught and was busy for mathematics . He thinks that the island below laputa must obey the instructions and laws made by him,and if the people did not obeyed him, he would punish them.


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The king of laputa was very fond of mathamatics. He helped gulliver a lot, to over come hi problems. He also helped gulliver to speak their language . but he was not so kind for the people below the island of their be thaught that they must obey the orders of him otherwise he will punish them.


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n the book 'Gulliver's Travel', Jonathan Swift gave a short account of his views over some people with power and post through the character of the king of Laputa.The king of Laputa was a man highly obessed by mathematical thoughts and punished his fellow country men below the island on being disobiedient by placing the island over their heads and blocking the sun and rain untill the taxex are paid.


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Whyis the king of Laputa is not powerful

Why the servent of Laputa is followed by people