Great Expectations

who is the mysterious stranger that visits pip at the pub? what are pips expectations on learning about the reason for the mans visit?


Great Expectations


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It is the fourth year of Pip's apprenticeship and he is sitting with Joe and Mr. Wopsle at the pub when they are approached by a stranger who wants to talk to Joe and Pip alone. Pip recognizes him, and his "smell of soap," as a man he had once run into at Miss Havisham's house years before. Back at the forge, the man, Jaggers, explains that Pip now has "great expectations." He has been given a large amount of money, to be administered by Jaggers, by an anonymous sponsor whom Pip is never to try to discover. Fulfilling Pip's dreams, Jaggers explains that Pip is to be "brought up a gentleman" and will be tutored by Matthew Pocket -- the same "Matthew" that had been mentioned at Miss Havisham's. Jaggers gives him money enough for new clothes and leaves, expecting to meet him in London within a week.