Funny in Farsi

what is the theme of the first chapter? (about leffingwell or whatever)

I need a good one, and not a vague one that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

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The theme of the first chapter deals with culture and language barriers. Firoozeh and her mother arrive in America speaking only Persian; her father could get by, but people found it difficult to understans him.

Firoozeh picked up the language quickly; she was like a sponge and far too young to find learning English much more than a challenge. She also attended an English speaking school, and there's nothing like not being able to communicate with ANYONE to force a fast paced assimilation into a new culture. When she first arrived, her mother attended school with her..... just to help out, and when she couldn't find her country on the map, Fizooreh was more embarrassed than her mother.

Her mother, on the other hand, didn't work and spent her days at home. Her English improved, but it was very limited. Most of what she learned came from television. After many years in America, Firoozeh said that her mother continued to speak English without the use of verbs, and that she called everything "it," from her husband to the kitchen table.


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