Friday Night Lights

What edition of Friday Night Lights do the quotes on the "Quotes and Analysis" page come from?

The newest version of Friday Night Lights is the "25th Anniversary Edition", but I think the quotes on the "Quotes and Analysis" page came from an earlier edition of the book, before the 25th Anniversary Edition was released. So I was wondering if anybody could tell me what version of the book was used for the quotes used in this article. (For example, the page numbers in the 25th Anniversary Edition are completely different from the page numbers on the quotes page, but I need each quote's page number from the 25th edition."

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The actual story from each edition would be exactly the same. The only differences would be whatever else the publisher decided to add before or after the story. Sometimes other writers comment on the story or there is more information about the players. Page numbers are different because of font size and the added things before the story begins. The story, however, is exactly the same.