How are we introduced to the romantic and gothic elements in the novel?

Which romantic and gothic elements can we find in the novel? And how are they presented?

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Frankenstein fulfills all the requirements os a gothic novel; it evokes terror, has an innocent heroine, a cruel villain, and uses supernatural events. Victor is the protagonist and the creator of our monster; his wife Elizabeth is the innocent heroine who meets her fate at the hands of the monster while still on her honeymoon............. Victor's monster is the villain.

The supernatural appears immediately in Victor's creation of the monster. Graveyards, dead bodies, parts and assembly; we know it's happening, but how? What forces are at work?

Gothic novels also require the mandated 'horror,' which is easily once again supplied by the villain. The horror begins with Elizabeth's murder, and the monsters continued acts of vengeance, but Victor gets in on the revenge as well. You always have to consider who the 'bad' guy really is in this novel, and why the events unfold the way they do.

Romanticism in the novel is evident as well. The Romantic movement emphasized realism and real issues; romantic authors focused on emotions such as love, horror, sorrow. Frankenstein is about a monster that terrifies people, it contains each of the necessary emotional undertones, and therefore is an example of romanticism.