Founding Brothers

Why is John Adams not on Mount Rushmore or U.S. currency like Washington and Jefferson? (Ch. 6)

Is this answer correct?

-John Adams was an american lawyer, statesman, diplomat, and political theorist. As the leading champion of independence in 1776, he was the 2nd president of the U.S. (1797-1801) However, due to the request made by President Coolidge along with Washington, it was insisted that two Republicans and one Democrat be carved. John Adams was Federalist, thus he was not selected to be on Mount Rushmore or U.S. currency like Washington and Jefferson.

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I'm not sure about the answer to this question. Coolidge did insist that Washington be joined by two republicans and a democrat..... but which is the democrat? In researching this question, I did find that it was Borglum that chose the other presidents, not Coolidge. As far as being omitted because he was a federalist, I'd have to nix that too. James Madison is a famous federalist, and he has been featured on our currency. Let me look a bit further for you. Thanks!

okay! thank you!