Fahrenheit 451

what are the rules of society? what must you do in order to thrive?

this is a different society where books are meant to be burned and not read and no one know the value of a book

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In Montag's society, there are a lot of strange rules that are strictly enforced. For example, people can't read books. The 'government' or head of society wants to keep people uneducated, and this means they can't read books or they'll get new ideas put into their heads, and have something to think about. They want people to have fun, and think that being educated or reading will prevent them from doing this. People aren't allowed to have front porches, because they would sit around and think too much. People can't really talk to each other. Clarisse was described as being antisocial, even though she was friendly and talkative.People have to follow the rules in order to thrive in this society. They burned a woman that wouldn't give up her books. They arrested Clarisse's uncle for going too slow on the highway. Her family can't thrive in the society because they are different from everyone else. Everyone thinks they are strange, even though in today's world they might be considered perfectly normal.In this society, it seems that in order to thrive you have to follow all the rules and never question authority or be different from other people. I found this on another site, it is a pretty good answer please see the source link below.



Rulesociety is a book about mind control by various companies. You might be interested to read it, but it is quite hard to find. Read source link for more info.. Cheers