Emily Dickinson's Collected Poems

What images and key words recur in Dickinson poems

read her poems

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Emily Dickinson's poems fall into several topics. She wrote about nature, beauty, love, death, and faith. Images such as grass, snake and moor represent nature. A fly buzzing before death and death driving a carriage show her obsession with death. Her faith in God shows up in her mention of immortality band heave.

Dickensin orten uses "thunderbolts, brlliant light, flowers (anenomes: youth and humility), gardens, religion, dying, death.

Her favorite and most used words are listed below and accompanied by the number of times they were used throughout her works:

170: sun

141: death, face

130: god, time

125: soul

124: heart

121: night

106: love

102: bird

94: die

88: eyes

86: bee, home

82: light

77: sky