explain how the supernatural world and the scientific world are represented in Dracula. what happens when these two worlds collide?

supernatural world and scientific world

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In Chapter 27, Van Helsing warns Seward that “to rid the earth of this terrible monster we must have all the knowledge and all the help which we can get,” he means "all knowledge." Van Helsing works to understand modern Western methods and incorporate the ancient and foreign schools of thought dismissed by the modern West. “It is the fault of our science,” he says, “that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain.” In this quote, Van Helsing points out what could be the dire consequences of limiting oneself to contemporary thought. people need to educate themselves on history and acquire an understanding of the things that have preceded us in order to change it. Without understanding history will simply repeat itself.

When the novel's location switches to England, we see an immediate change and slant toward modern science. Sewards diary is recorded with sound, typewriters are used, and the streets are daily home to new fangled modernity. Science is at work, whereas the setting of Transylvania was rather backward and steeped in superstition.