Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

What happens one night two months before the murder of Sir Darvers, and why is this this event important?

Chapter 17 - 18

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Some two months before Danver's death, Dr. Jekyll went to bed as himself...... and he woke up as Mr. Hyde.

Some two months before the murder of Sir Danvers, I had been out for one of my adventures, had returned at a late hour, and woke the next day in bed with somewhat odd sensations. It was in vain I looked about me; in vain I saw the decent furniture and tall proportions of my room in the square; in vain that I recognised the pattern of the bed-curtains and the design of the mahogany frame; something still kept insisting that I was not where I was.....

Yes, I had gone to bed Henry Jekyll, I had awakened Edward Hyde.

This event is important because it was the first time Hyde appeared without the use of Jekyll's potion.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde