Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Describe the Carew murder that occurs in Chapter 4. In what circumstances does it occur?

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In Chapter Four, a respected member of London society, Sir Danvers Carew, is murdered. A maid witnesses the murder and recounts the event. While gazing out her window, she sees an aged man with white hair walking along a nearby path. She watches as he meets another, smaller man, whom she recognizes as Mr. Hyde. Suddenly, Mr. Hyde brakes out in anger and attacks the white haired man, beating him to death with a cane. The maid faints, and when she wakes up, she immediately calls the police, who find the victim's body. The victim had a purse, some gold, and a letter addressed to Mr. Utterson. The police then contacted Mr. Utterson who identified the victim as Sir Danvers Carew, a member of Parliament. Upon learning the identity of the attacker, Mr. Utterson takes the police chief to Mr. Hyde's home. The police find the rooms in Hyde's home ransacked. Clothes strewn everywhere, half of the cane used to murder Danvers Carew is in one of the corners, and the remnants of a burned checkbook lie on one of the tables. The police soon discover that Mr. Hyde has disappeared. He cannot be found anywhere, and they are unable to find any trace of his past. Moreover, those who have seen him are unable to describe him in detail, but generally agree on his evil appearance.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde