Death of a Salesman

death of a salesman

what is Linda's role in Willy's life? In her son's lives?

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Linda mothers Happy, Biff and Willy. She has to remain the strength holding the family together as the weaknesses of each of the men becomes more evident. From the beginning of the play, Linda is trying to soothe and encourage her husband that he needs to take care of himself. She tries hard to help Willy to understand Biff, and how he is struggling to succeed as much as his father-

'I think if he finds himself, then you'll both be happier and not fight any more.

She is loved by her family: as Happy says -

'What a woman! They broke the mould when they made her.'

However she is not respected by them. Willy constantly cuts her off when she is talking to the boys, and we know he had a brief affair some time ago.

She closes the play with the poignant news that their mortgage is finally paid, and that -

'We're free'

She is released from the pressures of looking after Willy, but we never see what her dreams are, beyond being part of her family.


'Death of a Salesman' - Arthur Miller