Christina Rossetti: Poems

Why does Christima Rossetti relates all her poems to death??Why is that?

All most her poem relates to death.May anyone explain me please

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Christina Rossetti's life was plagued with death. Her father died when she was only twenty-four. In addition, tuberculosis was common in the surrounding London homes and infant mortality rates were high. Rossetti's isolated adolescence and zealous devotion to the church led her to spend long periods of time contemplating human mortality. Accepting death is part of the Christian message, especially since Christians believe in the afterlife. In addition to her faith, Rossetti's Pre-Raphaelite companions discouraged material wealth and earthly connections. Rather, Rossetti dwelled on intellectual and religious pursuits, contemplating the soul and the eternal hereafter. Several of her poems reflect her rejection of physical bodies, most notably “Remember,” in which she instructs her lover to forget her so that he can be happy.