Call of the Wild

what is the author's purpose for writing "Call Of The Wild"?

including historical issues that are addresed and/or text evidence could help answer the question

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Jack London wrote wilderness stories. That was his specialty. If you examine his other stories (White Fang or To build a Fire) you are going to find similar themes; they are themes which deal with the grandeur and respect for nature's power and beauty. Call of the Wild is an obviously fictional account of one dog's journey back to his inner wild doggy self. Although from Buck's point of view, we get a sense of the dog's longing for his communion with nature. So I think that London's themes are really why he wrote this story. He wanted to convey the wild abandon of living deliberately for every day, of realising our primal destiny. Yes, this one just happened to be through a dog!

This story shows how dogs responds on the love and affection gave to him.Like humans,they have feelings and mindset