Call of the Wild

In chapters 1 through 3 what are 3 conflicts buck faces that shows he's more fit


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He duplicates the actions of Pike, a new dog, by stealing a whole chunk of bacon. He is not caught, and another, weaker dog is punished in his place. Buck's theft marks him as "fit to survive" in the Northland environment.

Buck fights off a team of starving Huskies even though Spitz is attacking him at the same time.

Buck has his final showdown with Spitz for the title of Alpha-dog. Buck kills Spitz.

First, Buck adapts to the man in the red sweater and quickly learns that the man with the stick is more powerful. Second, he becomes adapted to the team and runs with them with no trouble. Third, he finally comes to blows with Spitz for various offenses all in the present and past and puts Spitz down and finishes him off.