There is a depiction for many groupings, can you mention some? and discuss the basis on which they formed


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The Slave Community

Beloved could perhaps serve as a mirror for the entire community of former slaves, reflecting back the desires that they so desperately suppress, because they themselves have sacrificed those same desires because they wanted to keep them away from their own personal “school teacher” (Koolish, 185).

The Women of the Community

Beloved, causes an immense change to come over Denver as. She is no longer afraid to leave her house, she goes out and finds work to support her mother. She moves beyond the introverted, emotionally lonely individual, to an empowered vision of new generation African-American woman (Shulman, 301). This affects the entire community, women of the community gather together for the first time in decades; Beloved has become a unifying force amongst them rather than a reason for discourse and separation. By the end of the novel her life serves to unify an entire grouping of people.