Mr. Garner, Mr.Bodwin and schoolteacher are three different white characters, what was Morrison's purpose in portraying whites in different ways?

Different white characters

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Sahr, this is a no brainer. Even if this story were taking place to day........ everyone is different. The characters in Beloved, like real people are very different. Line up 3 white characters today and see how different they are....... not to mention..... line up and list the traits of three characters from any race or culture..... are they different?

Sahar...... sorry about the spelling mistake!

I think if you examine each "white guy" , they differ in attitudes toward slavery. I think the author does this toshow white attitude to not be completely homgenous. There were differences, not all white men followed the southern doctrine of opression while many, like schoolteacher, did.

The comparison between the three is in terms of slavery, I ask to see their attitudes about slavery, the effect of their goodness and badness on slaves in general