As You Like It

what is the meaning of the word "ducdame" used by jacques ?

this is used in the speech of Jacques,in his verse that he gives amiens to sing in a tune,in act 2 scene 5 .

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Okay, I really didn't know this so I looked it up for you. I'll quote the answer and list its origins in my source link.

"A nonsense word from a song in William Shakespeare's As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 5. It is defined by the singer, after the song, as "a Greek invocation, to draw fools into a circle" (even as his curious companions have formed a circle around him). As is noted in the Arden edition of the play, "Much ingenuity has been bestowed to find the origin and significance of what may be sheer personal favourite interpretation is that it comes from the Welsh dewch da mi = Come to me..."