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Ideas for a research paper:

Due in a few days

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I'd suggest a few books below you can pick one of them:

Lord of the Flies

The Life of Fredrick Douglass

Romeo and Juliet

Here's a checklist you might need to have in order to complete your essay and have everything neatly done in a orderly fashion:

Are all words spelled correctly? Have I looked up the spellings when I was unsure?

Are all names, addresses, and dates in my paper correct, every time I use them?

Are all names of people, places, and other proper nouns capitalized correctly?

In quotations, have I used the exact words of my source and placed them within quotation marks?

Are all the citations, (websites) within my paper written in proper citation format?

Are all the entries (?) on my Works Cited page (if you are required to get one) properly formatted and alphabetized?

Are my pages numbered?

Does my paper have a title, correctly spelled and capitalized? Is my name included below the title?

These are questions you might need to copy down. Good luck.

Very well worded there Mia...agreed