describe the house and the contents, then explain why liberty and equality find it so strange

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"The house had two stories and a strange roof flat as a floor. There was more window than wall upon its walls, and the windows went on straight around corners, though how this house kept standing we could not guess. The walls were hard and smooth, of that stone unlike stone which we had seen in our tunnel."

"...the rooms were small, and we thought that not more than twelve men could have lived here."

"Never had we seen rooms so full of light. The sunra\s danced upon colors,colors, and more colors than we thought possible, we who had seen no houses save the white ones, the brown ones and the gre\. There were great pieces of glass on the walls, but it was not glass, for when we looked upon it we saw our own bodies and all the things behind us, as on the face of a lake." They had never seen mirrors. 

The two were shocked and filled with wonder over numerous other things; the colorful clothing, books, and beds for only two people. Only two when they had guessed twelve.