Animal Farm

what things are blamed on snowball. Do you think these accusations are true?

Only know that squealer accused snowball of destroying the windmill. not sure if their is another accusation.

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Snowball was blamed for the destruction of the windmill. Then a rumor begins circulating among the animals that Snowball is sneaking into the farm at night and causing mischief. From then on, the animals attribute any misfortune to Snowball’s interference. Napoleon arranges a public investigation of Snowball’s activities. He surveys the farm and claims to smell Snowball’s scent everywhere. The animals are terrified. That evening, Squealer tells the animals that Snowball now belongs to Mr. Frederick, with whom he is plotting to overtake Animal Farm. He claims that Snowball was collaborating with Mr. Jones from the very beginning and claims to have supporting evidence. Squealer also claims that Snowball intended to get the animals killed in the Battle of the Cowshed. These are slanderous comments designed by Napoleon to get rid of Snowball.