Animal Farm

What kind of story is Animal Farm?

Animal farm is this kind of story. It symbolizes a real story in history.

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Animal Farm is a dystopian allegory about a group of farm animals that rise up to rid themselves of their human oppressors. George Orwell wrote this book (novella) as an allegory to events leading up to and during the Stalin era before World War II. After the animal revolution there isn't the equality that animals were promised. Much like Stalin's era, power was wielded by individuals to persecute others. The political Stalin era parallels behind it are pretty significant Take a look at this link (under sources) for an even more detailed explanation. Yes it's Wikipedia but it's not bad.


Animal Farm's story is an interesting one. We have heard about its subtitle "a fairy story," which aims to prove to the reader how ironic its subtitle, and in some ways its title is. The seemingly benign form of the book tracks back to a long time ago...

The Russian Revolution (for all you History students out there, please forgive me) was a period where citizens of Russia, under the influence of Karl Marx, overtake their leader Tsar Nicholas II in hope of achieving communism. However, when the struggle of power between two—Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin break out, Trotsky being the true believer of communism and not Stalin, Stalin evicts Trotsky from Russia and assassinates him later on in Germany. From then on, the Russians lead a live they hoped for and seemingly achieved, though most of them unaware that their living conditions under Stalin were even worse than that under the rule of the Tsars...

What's even more intriguing about this allegorical context is that the reader is able to pick out imaginative parallels between the history and the literature of the Russian Revolution and Animal Farm. That's that.



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