Animal Farm

how do the pigs get away with the changes in their living arrangements? how does this affect the other animals?

chapter 6

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Check out this quote from Chapter 6,

"It was absolutely necessary, he said, that the pigs, who were the brains of the

farm, should have a quiet place to work in. It was also more suited to the

dignity of the Leader (for of late he had taken to speaking of Napoleon

under the title of "Leader") to live in a house than in a mere sty. "

Some animals do complain. Clover had not remembered that the Fourth Commandment mentioned sheets; but as it was there on the wall, it must have done so. And Squealer, who happened to be passing at this moment, attended by two or three dogs, was able to put the whole matter in its proper perspective,

"I can tell you, comrades, with all the brainwork we have to do nowadays. You would not rob us of our repose, would you, comrades? You would not have us too tired to carry out our duties? Surely none of you wishes to see Jones back?"